SANE Australia – A Guide for Mental Health Professionals – PD

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SANE Australia have available “Suicide Prevention and Recovery Guide – A resource for mental health professionals” HERE.

To quote from the guide –

“This guide is unique because it examines suicide prevention through the lens of recovery. This is particularly relevant as the management of suicide risk, especially when it leads to involuntary hospitalisation, may be perceived at times to conflict with recovery principles encouraging services to support consumer choice and decision-making. The guide helps workers to reflect on how they address suicide in their workplace, and in what ways they can support the individual’s recovery during this time. An important part of recovery-focused suicide prevention is to talk to clients when they are well, about what they would like to happen when they are not. How mental health professionals can instil a sense of hope and encourage individual responsibility, while still upholding their duty of care for consumer and community safety, is central to this guide.”

This SANE guide may be a part of Continued Professional Development. SANE has developed an online version of the resource and free online assessment to test your knowledge of the issues covered in this guide. Having completed the online resource, you will receive a certificate of completion, and may be eligible to claim two hours of CPD points.

Go to to access the free online assessment.