Call out for our Newsletter!

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Art tends to accelerate therapy… Despite the time involved in the creative process, art often reduces the amount of time required to get to important issues.” ( J.Rubin, Artful Therapy. 2005.)

We would love your submissions to our newsletter. Not only is creative expression helpful towards healing, it is also healing to view the expressions of others. Sometimes that ‘me too’ response shifts something inside that facilitates a nudge towards further recovery in our grief journeys. We also welcome any tips and writing, whether creative writing, poetry or prose or a grief coping tip you might have found helpful. It is through learning another’s tip for coping you might find just the tool for getting through a tough time. One member of our grief journeys workshops emailed us this –

“Thank you for sharing with me the idea that nothing is as bad as when I first found out I knew my son took his life. It was like an anchor for me to hold onto as I worked through the initial shock and horror. I’ve now shared this idea with others and it’s helped them too. I think it puts things into context and makes hard times ‘not as bad as’ that first day of my grief. Thankyou from my heart.”

The power of sharing our experiences can be transformative! We really would love to hear your ideas and see your artwork and share it in our newsletter. You can email us at

We do have a timeline and would appreciate your response by the 21st of May 2018. Thankyou.