Loss after suicide is a unique and profound experience.

We are a not for profit company

providing therapeutic services and advocacy for people bereaved by suicide.


Grief Journeys workshops and groups provide a safe and supportive space to process and integrate suicide loss using art, therapeutic activities and relaxation.

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Grief Journeys' Services

• Workshops for adults bereaved by suicide
• Groups for children and young people bereaved by suicide
• Individual therapy sessions
• Professional development for practitioners on working with suicide bereavement
• Advocacy and policy
• Grant applications for funding

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2020 Programme
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Mission Statement

• Provide strengths-based Grief Journey services for individuals and groups of people bereaved by suicide
• Seek funding to provide services for people bereaved by suicide
• Advocate for improved access to counselling services and the rights of people who have been bereaved by suicide
• Contribute to public debate on suicide prevention from the perspective of people who have been bereaved by suicide

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