Exploring Art Therapy Resources

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As individuals we can explore art to process and move through difficult emotions in our own space and time frame. The structure and support within a workshop or with a therapist can be very helpful, but so too can private exploration. It is advised you seek professional support or counselling if you feel yourself ‘stuck’ in your grief or an aspect of it that is making life difficult.

We’ve compiled a list of website articles that might inspire you to explore. We’d love you to share anything you create on our Facebook page or via email on our contact page.

Lifehack has a wonderful list of twenty exercises you can choose from including making a collage, getting together with friends to make some art, creating a string of prayer or meditation beads, fridge art and more! This is an inspiring and wonderful collection of ideas!

Huffington Post have a wonderful article – there is some doubling up of ideas shared in the previous link, however there are some new ideas that might further inspire you such as creating an altar for your loved one, zentangles and producing a permission slip.

We hope you enjoy these articles, and once again, we’d love to see anything you create and with permission, share it in our newsletter.